When OEM Meets OMG!

Finding a “great deal” on car repairs can fill the most stalwart owner with trepidation.  If you think people are possessive of their pets, just think of how some of them act about their autos.  They will sink thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into a single vehicle to restore it to its glory.  Sometimes there’s a very good reason to do so – it belonged to a cherished parent or grandparent.  It was the first large purchase they ever made, or because it just makes sense to take care of a something worth the down payment on a house.  When time comes to entrust it to a mechanic to make repairs, you know there’s a chance that “great deal” you were promised can turn into a disaster.  You fear you’ll be overcharged, get shoddy work or bogus parts – which could ruin your vehicle and deprive you of your major mode of transportation.  That’s why it comes a s a surprise when the total for repairs is much lower than the dealer quoted and it’s usually because your mechanic used OEM parts to make your repairs.

OEM means original equipment manufacturer, and is generally used to refer to automotive manufacturers of origin who sell a product that gets rebranded and is sold for a lower price.  It’s one of the reasons mechanics can offer the same service for so much less than the quote you’d get at a dealership.  One woman said her jaw dropped when she compared the quote for repairing engine mounts using OEM to the dealer’s quote, which was three times the price she paid.  It was an OMG moment indeed!  She likened the difference to the shopping she had just done online using Groupons to buy school clothes for her daughters from American Apparel.  The prices she found online were so discounted she was flooded with relief to have more money available which she immediately spent on her car.

It’s not unusual for Groupon to experience moments like that.  They have partnered with thousands of retailers to offer millions of products families use every day.   They are saving a substantial amount of money when they use these codes for instore and online deals and many times they get free shipping.  If you’re hesitant to try online shopping think of it like this, why pay full price for an item that’s just as good as if you paid three times as much for it.  OMG indeed!

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